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“Can I download snapchat for chromebook?” has been the most asked question lately. It’s no wonder. Snapchat is the most popular and fun multimedia mobile application that makes it possible for its registered users to send pictures as well as videos. What makes Snapchat different from another social media platforms is the fact that any picture or video that has been sent will self-destruct and be deleted immediately after it was opened or after 10 seconds, precisely. Although the users can still save the picture by screenshotting it during viewing, this is still one of the many points that attract people to download and use Snapchat. Its growth over the years has been as massive as it is rapid. With more than 150 millions of daily active users and 7 billions of video views, in just 5 years, Snapchat has transformed into the leading free application that offers picture and video messaging service. While Snapchat is only available to users on iOS and Android operating system, many Snapchat registered users and alike still wonder whether or not it is possible for them to download snapchat for chromebook for free.

How to run Snapchat on Chrome OS

Chromebook itself is laptops that run on Google-owned Linux based Chrome OS operating system, with all of the documents and applications stored in the cloud, this smart device is specifically designed with a built-in virus protected, and also specifically designed to be used while it’s connected to internet connection, making it a new breed of faster and reliable computer. While it is an incredible invention that can do wonders in school and workplace. A little fun as a change is needed. Here is how you can safely download snapchat for chromebook:

  1. Download the latest app version of Snapchat from trusted website and convert it using a Chromebook-app tool that is specifically designed to convert files into a package that is suitable for Chromebook.
  2. The next step you should do is open the terminal on your Linux and run commands to install and do not forget to properly set up your node.js

The next step you should take is going back to your home directory and moving your previously downloaded Snapchat apk by running Chromeos-app snapchatapp commands in the terminal. The command will take you to a directory in your home, copy said directory into your Chromebook, enable the developer mode, and make sure to load the unpacked extension button when you are ready to load said extension directory for Snapchat.

Another alternative to download Snapchat for Chromebook

If you encounter a few issues during the installation process or if you think the step by step tutorial above is far too complicated for your liking, you should not worry at all. Google as the owner of Chromebook has announced that Android’s Google PlayStore is now available for Chrome OS users. All you have to do to get that free download snapchat for chromebook is open Settings, head over to Chrome OS’ About section, the next step you have to do is click Change Channel in that section, install Chrome OS 53’s dev channel, restart your device and you’ll find PlayStore icon on the bottom of your Chromebook screen. Hit it up and download snapchat for chromebook right away!

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