Color Saw 3D Game – How fast you can cut?

I thought color saw 3d was a simple and easy game, but it’s totally wrong after you reach level 30 or higher this game become very difficult and if the developer add timer on each level this game will be unsolvable for me, need several times to cut object correct and fast. I love color saw 3d but i have some suggestion player like game with less ads and stop showing same ads over and over again.

Color saw 3d has many ads complaints from gamer because it’s show in every level except if you turn off your internet connection. The idea of this game seemed very interresting but if you must wait 30 second to play another level it became paintfully for player, i know developer want all player buy no ads version so they can get more money and pay their staff, but if they got many 1 stars review from user they will lost many potential player.

Watch our color saw 3d video at our youtube channel we could solve many level in this game, we haven’t use any tricks cheats or bug in color saw 3d but if we found it we will share it here at elshaddaigame. Download color saw 3d using iphone, ipad from here and if you use android device you can download the apps through google play in next few days, because for android isn’t released yet.

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