Call Me Phrasy – Horror Answers

Call me phrasy – This game would be the hardest word game we ever play, now i reach horror category and i need to try several times before found the correct word, you can’t use reward to reveal a letter no other help beside read the hints. Every level has 3 hints but still difficult to me found the answers so i guess it letter by letter, it’s took a time before we could post this cheats, i hope this call me phrasy cheats could help every player.

Call Me Phrasy – Horror

a vampire duck : quackula
undead shrimp : prawn of the dead
when you can only think about your looks on Oct 31st : shaloween
i smell dead people : the sixth scents
a movie where there is absolutely no ghost activity : paranormal inactivity
mickeys new theme park after a zombie apocalypse : disney land of the dead
mickey mouse and brad pitt fight zombies : disney world war z
a nightmare on elm street about carbs : breaddy krueger
a movie where a man tired of root veggies & instead ate people : the silence of the yams
when you have to fist fight with a top hatted mosnter : babadook of out

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