Call Me Phrasy – Fantasy Answers

Call me phrasy – This game would be the hardest word game we ever play, i need to try several times before found the correct word, you can’t use reward to reveal a letter no other help beside read the hints. Every level has 3 hints but still difficult to me found the answers so i guess it letter by letter, it’s took a time before we could post this cheats, i hope this call me phrasy cheats could help every player.

Call Me Phrasy – Fantasy

famous fictional pirate who netflix & chilled : captain hook up
superhero who manipulates time travels to the upside down : doctor stranger things
smart disney princess metts JK rowling : beauty & the fantastic beasts
princess aurora’s got a badonkadonk : sleeping booty
inigo montoya & the wife of a monster : princess bride of frankenstein
this amazonian heroine decides to become a pirate : plunder woman
an epic space crash starring captain kirk : star wreck
if frodo collected diamond necklaces : the lord of the bling
eddie murphy is the hogwarts headmaster : the nutty professor dumbledore
this princess has upgraded from dwarfs to a militia : snow white stripes

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