Call Me Phrasy – Classic Answers

Call me phrasy – This game would be the hardest word game we ever play, now i reach classic category and i need to try several times before found the correct word, you can’t use reward to reveal a letter no other help beside read the clue. Every level has 3 clue but still difficult to me guess the answers so i find it letter by letter, it’s took a time before we could post this cheats, i hope this call me phrasy cheats could help every player.

Call Me Phrasy – Classic

a story of a whale and candy tycoon : free willy wonka
tom hanks plays a slow witted man that is very cranky : forrest grump
this black & white film by orson welles has christmas treats : citizen candy kanes
if dogs took over oz this man would be their pack leader : the wizard of paws
the knight who say ni arent very successful : monty python & the holy fail
this 80 teen who played hooky completely misses the point : ferris buellers way off
famous mary poppins actor searches for the white whale : moby dick van dyke
investigating a murder on a desert world with two suns : girl with the dragon tatooine
a group of thieves who only rob rich people : robin hoodlums
its a bird its a plane no its sally field and julia roberts : man of steel magnolias

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