Call Me Phrasy – Animated Heroes Answers

Call me phrasy – This game would be the hardest word game we ever play, i need try several times before found the correct word, you can’t use credits to reveal a letter or get other help beside read their hints. Every level has 3 hints but some can’t help us found the answers so i guess it letter by letter, it’s took a time before we could post this cheats for you, we hope this call me phrasy cheats could help every player.

Call Me Phrasy – Animated Heroes

simba needs some courage : cowardly lion king
giant green ogre makes his last move in chess : shrekmate
tale that has no finish and sheriff woody : neverending toy story
he lives in a pineapple under the sea that he built : spongebob the builder
dr. suess character has a death wish : curiosity killed the cat in the hat
he’s the most positive transformer ever : optimist prime
simba decides to become president of the United States : the lion wing
mowgli and baloo celebrate the day of the dead : jungle book of life
little foot and donald duck go on an adventure : disney land before time

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