9 Letters Halloween Words Answers Pack G

I have the answers for 9 letters Halloween game, in this post I will share the solutions for Pack G, this game only available for iphone or ipad so if you only have android you must wait until the game release for the android version. To solve 9 letters game you must find 1 or 2 word inside the squares, if you found the word slide it from the first letter to the end and if its correct answers the letters will move down and show the word, everybody can easily solve this game but if you found difficult word in the Pack G you can find the answers below.

9 Letters Halloween Pack G

1. bubble yum
2. hobgoblin
3. merlin vex
4. bottle cap
5. ugly wench
6. angst mood
7. ooze ghoul
8. hobbit elf
9. unearthly
10. karate kid
11. scythe saw
12. tense lurk
13. indian red
14. tramp slut
15. creepy eye
16. moonlight
17. police cop
18. zorro hero
19. mummy mual
20. hazard toy

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