7 Words Puzzle Level 12 Answers

7 Words Puzzle answers level 12 for iphone and ipad, if you love to play crossword game then this game will make you interested because this game is the combination between crossword and word game. How to play 7 words puzzle is simple read the question and then find the answers in the letters list. This solutions created to help new player solve the game faster, but do not use this answers to solve all question.

7 Words Puzzle Level 12


1. Post office device 5 letters: SCALE
2. Blog post section 8 letters: COMMENTS
3. Posthaste 11 letters: IMMEDIATELY
4. Emily Post’s forte 9 letters: ETIQUETTE
5. The Post, perhaps 9 letters: NEWSPAPER
6. What the prefix “post” means 5 letters: AFTER
7. Original Post-It Note color 6 letters: YELLOW

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