640 Photos Level 4 Answers

640 photos level 4 answers for android and iphone version, this challenging word game published by nebo apps which already create many word game for us. How to play 640 photos is simple find 2 word related to the picture in the letter lists. Use free hints to solve difficult word and if you need more hints just hit buy hints button to add unlimited hints to the game.
Another way to solve 640 photos without using paid hints is using our solutions, but remember this cheats is free but do not use this answers to solve all picture or you will bored. To use our answers you must solve the left picture first then right picture, because if you solve random picture then it will not match with our result below.

Two words per photo. 32 words per level. 640 words in the game. Can you find all of them? Sometimes you have to think beyond the obvious. Good luck!

This game:
• is fun for the whole family
• exercises your brain
• can be played in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

640 Photos Level 4

1. japan
2. sakura
3. bindi
4. textile
5. djembe
6. rhythm
7. expedition
8. peak
9. spicy
10. many
11. cotton
12. soft
13. lemonade
14. slice
15. famous
16. Coliseum
17. Yogurt
18. healthy
19. thirst
20. trunk
21. mouse
22. tennis
23. sandwich
24. brunet
25. bartender
26. show
27. Freckles
28. twins
29. iceberg
30. penguin
31. National dish of Great Britain: Pudding
32. National dish of Spain: Paella

unfortunately this game error when i try to continue to level 5, do you have same problem? please report to the developer.

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