5 Seconds Answers Episode 25


5 seconds it’s a challenging game by second gear game, i just try few level in this game and it’s hard to solve even if you’re a word game addict, so i use tools like anagram solver to find the match word. This is the 5 seconds answers for episode 25, each episode contains 24 words with 6 words for 1 video. If you found a difficult word in this game you can use hints to reveal a letter, buy more hints so you can solve any word in this game. Use this 5 seconds game cheats if you want to continue play but cannot buy a hints for several reason.

5 Seconds Episode 25

video 1. sleeping, breathing, morning, clock, man, seven
video 2. hiking, backpack, throwing, Cairn, writing, outdoors
video 3. golf, course, swing, ball, tee, waves
video 4. listening, reading, book, pages, player, music

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