5 Seconds Answers Episode 1


5 seconds it’s a challenging game by second gear game, i just try few level in this game and it’s hard to solve even if you’re a word game addict, so i use tools like anagram solver to find the match word. This is the 5 seconds answers for episode 1, each episode contains 24 words with 6 words for 1 video. If you found a difficult word in this game you can use hints to reveal a letter, buy more hints so you can solve any word in this game. Use this 5 seconds cheats if you want to continue play but cannot buy a hints for several reason.

5 Seconds Episode 1

video 1. coriander,hamburger,chocolate,roast,raspberry,slice
video 2. paintbrush,paint,markers,paper,ring,colors
video 3. cup,waiter,utensils,napkins,food,restaurant
video 4. drinking,tree,water,rocks,lioness,thirsty

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