Only 3 Words Level 51 – 75 Answers

Only 3 words answers level 51 to 75 for iOS and android version, we hope this post can help you solve every difficult question, so player can continue play this fun game until the last level. This game developed by blue boat co which also create many high quality word game for android and iphone. Please rate and share only 3 words game if you want to help developer reach their client.

Only 3 Words Answers Level 51 – 75

51. move upward: RISE, low dam: WEIR, more sage: WISER
52. benefit from work: PERK, strong cord: ROPE, card game: POKER
53. sign of a shark: FIN, opposed one: ANTI, pale and pass out: FAINT
54. allow for rent: LET, clay square: TILE, about 1.75 pints in SI: LITRE
55. use the couch: SIT, determiner: THIS, brazen bank theft: HEIST
56. column complement: ROW, malt infusion: WORT, tall narrow building: TOWER
57. scarlet: RED, remedy for a disease: CURE, crass and unrefined: CRUDE
58. large rodent: RAT, rip in two: TEAR, added on: EXTRA
59. fish trap: NET, unit of beer: PINT, beyond clumsy: INEPT
60. unable to hear: DEAF, consume books: READ, light dimmer: FADER
61. standard score in golf: PAR, sudden surprise attack: RAID, quick and swift: RAPID
62. large primate: APE, spherical green seed: PEA, garden tool: SPADE
63. transmission setting: GEAR, uncontrollable anger: RAGE, bucks on a horse: WAGER
64. dull pain: ACHE, apiece: EACH, pursue on the run: CHASE
65. be in debt: OWE, greater amount: MORE, grass cutter: MOWER
66. not close: FAR, teller of untruths: LIAR, easily broken: FRAIL
67. party-giver: HOST, therefore: THUS, loud cry: SHOUT
68. very strong wind: GALE, calf meat: VEAL, small hammer: GAVEL
69. eat sparingly: DIET, ocean motion: TIDE, lukewarm: TEPID
70. suddenly pull: TUG, gloomy rock genre: GOTH, difficult to chew: TOUGH
71. pinch sharply: NIP, enthusiastic about: INTO, indicate the spot: POINT
72. very dry: ARID, ancient poet: BARD, plait of hair: BRAID
73. operational branch: ARM, female equine: MARE, picture border: FRAME
74. 12 pairs in humans: RIB, extremely urgent: DIRE, newlywed: BRIDE
75. unit of land area: ACRE, dietary carbohydrates: CARB, orthodontic device: BRACE

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