2 Photo Clues Answers All Level

Finally i can post 2 photo clues answers in elshaddaigame.com before i can share this post i must complete more than 20 level in this game, for your info each level contains 14 images and 6 question so every player must solve 20 puzzle to finish a level and continue to higher level. Before use this cheats you can try use your credits to reveal 2 letters or reveal a whole word.

2 photo clues developed by second gear game in android play store and use different name in itunes, but the game has no different so you can share the result within this 2 device. This is challenging game but if you use this cheats to solve whole level then it will become less, so use only at difficult level.

• Less typing, more fun!
• Play in English, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Spanish or Portuguese.
• New way to play word search.

2 Photo Clues Level 1

1. English: Crown
2. English: Feather
3. small flying insect that has a round red back with dark spots: ladybug
4. English: House
5. English: Coffee
6. a small animal that has quills all over its body: porcupine
7. English: Photographer
8. English: Tomato
9. tool with a long handle that is used for lifting and throwing dirt: shovel
10. English: Soap
11. English: frogs
12. very large number of insects moving together: swarm
13. English: cherry
14. English: flame
15. the lower part of a person’s face: jaw
16. English: Garden
17. English: Spice
18. tropical plant that has heavy leaves which produce a thick liquid used in medicines: aloe
19. English: paw
20. English: heart


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