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Word Trip Canada Answers

Word trip Canada answers for all type OS not only for android or iPhone, this answers also useful if you play the game using chrome OS and windows mobile phone. Word trip is the simple and challenging word game, as you know this game similar to word cookies but now word cookies developer stop adding new level in their game and i guess they still built a new challenging game for us.
Word trip has 52 category each category named using famous country and the hardest category is the place that you’ll never imagine to visit in this Christmas. If you have difficulties to guess the word please use this solution and share it with other player using social media, it’s very appreciated.

Word Trip Canada Answers

Level 1. tin ion inn ton too not nit into onto noon onion notion
Level 2. rag age are gag ear egg era gear area rage gage garage
Level 3. but let tub bet blue bell tube bull lute tell belt bullet
Level 4. but cue cut cub tub bet buck cube cute tube tuck bucket
Level 5. nag ace aye age can nay any cane acne cage agency
Level 6. din own don nod win ion won now down wind widow window
Level 7. err eon one ore orc con core corn cone once corner
Level 8. ace can clan lane cane lace acne lean elan lance clean cancel
Level 9. elk lie ill lek ilk lye key like kill yell lily likely
Level 10. elk cue cub blue buck cube club clue bulk beck luck buckle
Level 11. fly yam may aim ail lay flay fail mail film filmy family
Level 12. end ten ted tee den net teen tend need next dent extend
Level 13. win inn new ire wire wren weir nine rein wine inner winner
Level 14. big rib rig hit bit girt grit brig right birth girth bright
Level 15. ago rag cur car rug arc oar cog our crag cargo cougar
Level 16. set off foe oft toe foes offs fest toes soft offset
Level 17. ago log lag gal nag loon goal loan long logo along lagoon
Level 18. key rye rue try yet rut trek turk tyre true turkey
Level 19. hug act cat hut tag gut cut hat tug chat thug caught
Level 20. vet set toe toss toes sets vote vest vests stove votes stoves

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