Word Genie Ruby Answers

Do you play word genie and cannot solve the ruby packs? open this page and read our solutions only in elshaddaigame.com. With this answers you can solve the game or continue play until the last pack available without losing your coins. Every level in word genie contains 10 level but in each level you must find 1 to 8 words.

We found 50 packs in word genie game separated into 15 category, you can’t skip a pack before solve every level in playable packs so use this answers to solve difficult word if you want to play all packs. If you solve all level using this post the game become too easy and not challenging, so be wise.

Word genie – puzzles & gems feature:
– Work and trek your way up from the Thieves cave to the Genie Tower!
– 500+ Puzzles: Starts off easy with a 2X2 grid, and unlocks more puzzles as you progresses. Improve your brain as the levels get more challenging with 3X3, 3X4, 4X4, 5X5, 6X6 and 7X7 grid!
– Daily Quest: Earn gems for completing daily quests!
– If you get stuck in a puzzle, use in game hints to reveal letters and words to help you solve!
– Easy to play! Make a word by swiping up, down, left, right or diagonally!
– Improve your genie score! Collect all the gems and treasures, improve your genie rank, and become the ultimate word genius!
– NOTE: This is a brain teaser game, and all puzzles are designed to be solvable! If you get into a dead end situation, just hit the reset button to restart the level!


Word Genie Ruby Answers

Level 1. Lira Pound
Level 2. Assist Aid
Level 3. Bee Jet Bat
Level 4. Wand Fairy
Level 5. Kendo Judo
Level 6. Pistol Bow
Level 7. Bold Plain
Level 8. Jordan Ali
Level 9. Violet Red
Level 10. Lover Card

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